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As cookieless gradually becomes the norm, most programmatic networks have difficulties delivering full campaign volumes due to the drop in consents across media sites. Strossle can help you to deliver your campaigns in a non-intrusive and fully GDPR compliant manner. 

Strossle leverages contextual targeting to connect brands with readers, not targeting users.

The power of context

The core of Strossle is our powerful recommendation engine. It matches the right ad with the right context and delivers it through the proprietary Strossle widget. The result for advertisers is more engaged users for your content. Strossle recommendations are generated by our own machine learning algorithm, which maps out how topics and articles relate to each other, in a way that no human can. This results in an optimal mix of recommendations for the user without having to depend on personal data. As you pay per click, you’ll only pay for visitors that are truly interested.

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