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A diversified revenue portfolio is key to any modern, digital publisher.

Strossle widgets

As display ads revenues drop, more publishers are realizing the potential of Native Advertising on their sites. Strossle is here to help! 

Benefits of Strossle Native ads:

  • Advertising seamlessly blends in
  • The reader experience is uninterrupted
  • Commercial Content represents real value for the reader

Strossle can help you with the targeting and delivery of YOUR native ads, and make your own content marketing efforts more valuable. 

Strossle InHouse

With Strossle on your site, the content recommendations widget also becomes YOUR delivery mechanism. Through our self-service interface "Marketplace" you can manage and plan all your InHouse content needs.


The Strossle widget is customized to suit your design and feel and can sit on any device, wherever you want it. With Marketplace you can drive traffic to the your customers content based on the time / volume and value you set.

With Strossle enabled you can optimize the delivery of your sponsored content easily, and if you need additional traffic, you can leverage Strossles partner sites as your own "audience extention" program. You need never loose another customer to a bigger media company again because of delivery capacity.

Strossle uses contextual targeting so your data is safe, secure and well within GDPR Compliancy.

Strossle InHouse is free for our publisher partners. We set Strossle Demand as backfill on your house ads site, so you'll never miss an opportunity to monetize your traffic

Here's how it works

  1. Sign up for Strossle (if you haven't already) here
  2. Once you have access to Strossle Manager you can get your widget by using the Factory service and implement it on your site.
  3. Navigate to  Marketplace and create your campaign. Select the "House Ads" option in stage one and follow the simple guide to have your campaign live in no-time!

Strossle is here to help you at every step of the way. Click the ? symbol for how-to or press "Contact" to get connected to your local awesome Strossle team member!

Welcome onboard!

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