About Strossle

About us

Strossle helps advertisers and publishers make the most of their content.

In our network of premium publishers, we provide custom-designed widgets that showcase a mix of editorial and advertiser content. Our content recommendations are based on contextual targeting and predictive analytics. No more guessing - just relevant recommendations based on data. 

This means advertisers benefit from attracting a larger audience in a secure and engaging environment, while publishers enjoy increased reach and revenue through trustworthy, non-intrusive ads.

Strossle for Advertisers

Strossle for AdvertisersWe Deliver the Audience Your Content Deserves

Our network of premium publishers helps advertisers attract the audience they want in a brand safe and engaging context. Tailored exclusively to each website, our widgets are purposefully designed to make your ads an organic part of the user experience.


Strossle MarketplaceManage Your Own Native Advertising Campaigns

Manage your own campaigns with Strossle Marketplace: Our award-winning self-service tool where you create, optimize and monitor your own native campaigns. It’s never been easier to distribute your content in a premium editorial context. It’s just a registration and a few clicks away.

Working with us is easyHow to Get Started

Choose Your Content

Determine which landing pages you want to drive traffic to. You can also get expert assistance from us to create or choose your content.

Set Your Budget

Set your budget per article or campaign period. With Strossle, you can purchase distribution both through CPC and CPM.

Watch Traffic Grow

Log in and see how your target audiences are interacting with your content.

Analyze & Optimize

Use our Insights tool to synchronize distribution with your business goals.

Strossle for Publishers

Strossle for PublishersGive Your Articles More Reach and Earn Revenue From Our Native Ads

We help publishers monetize their content effectively with non-intrusive ads and a range of free tools. Enhance user engagement, boost time spent on your site and increase the number of articles read per visitor. Design your own widget and let Strossle monetize your website effortlessly. Enjoy complete control and instant earnings through our transparent, CPC-based revenue share model.

Our Clients

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Olle TBS

Advertiser Testimonial
Olle Borgstav | CEO at TBS

"Strossle is always professional in their approach towards us and the client, accommodating and flexible. The startup of campaigns and production of materials always go smoothly and quickly. It's also great that all parties involved can view the campaign live and easily access data and materials through a dashboard with figures."

Karin Svenskt Kött

Advertiser Testimonial
Karin Amedé | Communications Manager at Svenskt Kött

"Strossle is a great complement to our communication that helps us reach unexpected target groups. We always receive a pleasant and professional treatment with a high level of service."

helene vi i villa

Publisher Testimonial
Helena La Corte | CEO at Vi i villa

"Strossle is an optimal collaboration partner for us, as they cater to the readers' needs for relevant articles on 'Vi i Villa' as well as good and interesting advertisements. The ad revenue generated by Strossle in our channels is also important to us. I also appreciate Strossle's ability to create new features that provide both new revenue opportunities and distribution of our articles to our readers."



Native Advertising Institute - Best Native Advertising Platform


Technology Fast 50 – Sweden’s Second Fastest Growing Tech Company


Best Native Advertising Platform According to Digiday


Top-12 Artificial Intelligence Startups in Sweden

2018 & 2017

TNW Tech 5 – One of Europe’s Fastest Growing Tech Companies


Native Advertising Institue – Native Advertising Platform of the Year


Internet World: Sweden’s 6th hottest startup

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